Poll Question: Are the CoinInsider reviews legitimate, or are they affiliate links to defraud people?

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2 years ago
Can you trust the opinions on CoinInsider.com or are they all just affiliate links to the highest bidding scammers?

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  • drdread
  • 100% (Exalted)
  • Advanced Member
2 years ago
No - I have seen the blog article and CoinInsider.com is definitely dodgy AF!

They seem to change recommendations based on what advert you clicked on which means - hey ho! - they are not recommendations!!!

These guys are after da loot!

No review is real, all is fake, do not take the bate!
  • Lemonde
  • 100% (Exalted)
  • Advanced Member
7 months ago
Coininsider is a fake review site and is designed to mix scams with normal articles to catch people off-guard.