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3 years ago
Can I trust these sorts of websites?

They say they will get me extra traffic from 60 countries without affecting my SEO rankings, so is there any downside?


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3 years ago
In general we can say the following regarding their claims:

Will the backlinks down my SEO ranking?

Probably - the traffic will be meaningless and so Google will notice from analytics (yes, that is their favourite of monitoring your site, through your own tools.) that no one dwells on your site very long and that they nearly always bounce away. This means that engagement is low and Google will lower your ranking a s a result.

Where does the traffic come from?

Perhaps from other web stat users who see the names of your website as a referral from the bots they use to generate traffic. These kind of websites often use these tactics to fake traffic everywhere.

Here is an example: www.tzsg.net/blog/42392793/trending-ways-to-increase-website-traffic-fast-in-2020

Which forwards you to: xtraffic.plus

It's an old trick and it is a bad thing all round - do not get involved with this.

Can I specify the traffic area?
The Ultimate Plan supports it, please contact us for more details.

In other words, if you ant traffic from the US or Europe, you're going to have to pay. Otherwise it will just be Asian traffic making a few dollars a day.

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