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3 years ago
My Outlook which I just used to upload my PST file to Office 365 is now showing up many of the subfolders in the inbox as blank but states: Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange instead of just showing the contents that I just uploaded.

If I click the Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange text then the contents appear as fine.

Why is this? Should I just wait for it to repopulate the folder or should I just start a new Outlook profile and download the data afresh?


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  • Lemonde
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3 years ago
It just means that you have your Outlook set not to keep data as long in your cached file on the computer.

https://portal.office.com  and open the web version of Outlook you will see everything.

If you go into Outlook and change the settings to keep all data (rather than 1 year or 3 days etc.) in your cached file, you will see everything in the folders once more.

This is done under File > Accounts Settings > Account Settings > Double click your email > Slide the slider all the way to the right.