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4 years ago

I have been looking at the following:

Simply Mail Solutions
Microsoft Office 365

This is what I have seen so far:

Simply mail solutions offer a £1.50 deal but it says that calendar syncing is not support, what does this mean exactly, that we will not be able to see each others' calendars? This is an issue as we definitely need to be able to locate each other all the time. Do we need the £4.49 option instead?

Fasthosts offer a business class email system, does that mean that it is not Microsoft Exchange? We all use Mac (mostly and use the webmail, will this be different, will that matter?

Office 365 offer something called Exchange Online Plan One, which appears to be online email only, would this be the same as what we have? This does give 50GB instead of 5GB from simply mail solutions, but it is twice the price.

What should I do?


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