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3 years ago

I have some servers with Perc H310 RAID array controllers running RAID 5 VDs

I have added some extra disk in empty slots, but when I come to add them to the RAID, the Extend Drive option is greyed out.

Do I have to recreate the virtual drives???

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3 years ago
If you download the AVAGO MegaRAID software from Lenovo, you can use this to expand the drive capacity with a new disk.

Backup first.

Now open AVAGO and right click the VD.

Choose reconfigure and choose RAID 5 as the configuration you are migrating to (I know, not very obvious)

Now you will get a screen showing the spare drive and you will be able to add the new drive into the VD group.

It will take some time to reconfigure but it is supported as an online drive extension feature.