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3 years ago
Hello all,

We are shutting down an Office 365/Exchange environment by moving entirely into the Cloud.

Our federation services are currently reachable on ADFS.domain.suffix and we are having email delivered to the on-premises Exchange servers.

What do we need to be doing in terms of removing connectors from O365 and repointing the MX records etc.?

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3 years ago
Well you need to repoint your MX records etc. as instructed on the Office 365 admin set-up page and check that the records are set correctly using the wizard.

You can then migrate the rest of your mailboxes and shut down Exchange Server.

Then the federation services that are being used to connect to your system by Office 365 will only matter if you have some other systems using cross forest authentication.

Either way you can leave the ADFS.domain.suffix server running as it will not interfere with Office 365, or if you are sure you have no other applications authenticating cross-forest, you can shut it down.