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4 years ago
Trying to import PST files exported from Exchange Server 2016, I am receiving the message:

some items cannot be copied, they were either moved or deleted, or access was denied.

But the items are there in the PST because I can see them.

It seems to get a little closer to completing with each attempted import, but I don't remember it ever being this unreliable before.

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26 days ago
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26 days ago
What a load of nonsense. There is no data loss when importing PST into Microsoft 365. I do it pretty much daily. The process is simple and highly reliable even if you have to restart the operation a few times, just make sure you choose not to import duplicate items. The thing to rememebr about all these people trying to sell expensive software to do it for you is that they just use the same MS library to do the same job anyway and so it doesn't make any difference at all!