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5 years ago
Exchange 2010

Database will not mount on a DAG

The database action failed. Error: Operation failed with message: MapiExceptionCallFailed: Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1105)

Errors 9159 and 1197: The database is too new to be upgraded

Unable to mount DAG after it failed in the middle of the day.

Other nodes swear that this is the live copy.

Cannot activate the other copy due to catalog errors that cannot update as there is no where to update from.

We found that one of our nodes was a later service pack than the rest and that we had to upgrade the store.exe file to be the same version. This we did by running SP2 and letting it fail at the mailbox role. We then copied the store.exe executable from the server where the mailstore had been mounted to check the version was the same - it was - and then force mounted the mailstore with the command:

Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase -Identity [Mailstore] -ActivateOnServer [servername] -MountDialOverride:BestAvailability -SkipClientExperienceChecks -SkipHealthChecks

Emails then started arriving from the HT server once more and we were able to check that the other nodes were all up to date.

This was very odd as all the install files appeared to be the same version and yet one server was installed to service pack 2 updates?

The -SkipActiveCopyChecks must only work in Exchange 2013 or with SP3 on Exchange 2010 as our SP2 server didn't understand that command.


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