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a year ago

We are trying to run pretty small reports with Sage 1000 SP 8 and we keep getting:
An error has occurred when processing report 10053870_287E26F7-2DEB-4633-8F2F-FD0F84EF0737_nl_trial_balance.pdf. Please contact your administrator.

ExportReportPDF - DBName: SageUKUniqueID: 10053870ReportPath: \\evdcisdmpapsg01\Reports\287E26F7-2DEB-4633-8F2F-FD0F84EF0737_nl_trial_balance.reportOutputPath: \\evdcisdmpapsg01\Reports\Output\10053870_287E26F7-2DEB-4633-8F2F-FD0F84EF0737_nl_trial_balance.pdfOut of Memory : The report being generated is too large for the amount of memory currently available. 

Surely we do not need to allocate more RAM? It is hardly using any...?

Is it the share where the files are sent? Do we need to clear it out?


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