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6 years ago
This is definitely a bit of a tricky subject, not for a few reasons either the software itself is contained in a single file that does not unzip even with the likes of WinRAR

The installation is one single linked process and there is always some part that seems to go wrong. The system installs several different elements in order to make the system work - the SQL server, the ATM server and the ATM desktop application, and each of these is reliant on various other components.

The system server itself is usually the tricky part of the process. The most likely candidiate for a successful install is a single Windows 32 bit machine that runs Internet Explorer.

Issue 1: The neverending unzip - this seems to happen if you try and install on Windows 2008 or 2008 R2 and just doesn't stop. The unzip never reaches the end of the blue bar and just restarts in an endless cycle that serves no purpose. The only solution we know of it to try another PC rather than a server.

Issue 2: the systems reboots everytime the service receives a request. This is a really odd one as the system reboots instantly and has no memory of rebooting. It starts the whole of Windows quite happily and never mentions that the shutdown was not requested in any way - this tends to be on x86 XP PCs. Once again try another machine - there is no obvious way to trace this problem that we have discovered.

Issue 3: we have been seeing that if a user has unreconciled absences then the system records all clocking as discrepancies and does not enter their data into the timing sheets. The solution we had to us to resolve this was to delete the times back until they were last clocking in and out successfully.

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3 years ago
sircles recommend hyper V-ing an x86 PC for the ATM server and desktop installation and just pointing the SQL connection to an existing x64 SQL DB.