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7 months ago
0xc00002e2 Error on start-up in Hyper-V 2022

The VM fails to start-up and gives that error.

It as an old 2018 machine taken with disk2vhd.exe

What should I try?
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7 months ago
This is an issue with the active directory having been turned off for too long.

You will need to go into the Hyper-V settings of that VM and disable data exchange and time synchronization (it may alsio be wirth disconnecting the LAN for the time being) and then press F8 at boot-up and select directory repair mode when you can boot into the system and choose a time close to when the disk2vhd image was taken. You shoudl then be able to boot into the windows shell and re-enable the time sync and data exchange settings which should bring the AD up-to-date and allow you to use the machine normally. You can then reconnect the LAN if you disabled it.