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I recently saw someone on Spiceworks talking about a new ERP implementations that they were unsure of. I couldn't add this there so I will add it here instead. They were asking about procurement and what type of financial reports etc are required. I answered thus:

You definitely need to decide upon which system you are migrating to and get in a suitable team to manage the migration. ERP migrations are as core to company survival as IT gets pretty much, and if you are not ready to lead one, for goodness' sake don't lead it.
Procurement is not a financial company document like a trial balance or a profit and loss report. It is not that sort of service. Procurement is more to do with contract compliance and it very much depends on whether you are talking about FMCG or buying concrete. Procurement is very specialised to the industry you are in unlike finance, which is more consistent from one business to another. Whoever heads up procurement in the business needs to have provided all of their pricing structures and contract details and be ready to user test some of the features as early in the project as possible. You will need to see how they work now and work out a job function structure against the new system and be sure that it will give all the features, reports and options that they need. This must be done for every department. Every department head must sign off your project as fitting their requirements long before you agree on one system or another.
In general, I usually get a few suppliers in and let the department heads quiz them about each system and then we choose based on the system that gives the best match. Then the provider makes it work. They are integrating these systems all day every day and are usually the best people top go to. They will need to be supporting you into the future and usually spend weeks onsite at migration time even in a small business.

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