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2 years ago
Where has the start menu gone?

What is happening?


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2 years ago
There are many changes...

But you have been upgraded to Windows 11, that is not a new version of Windows 10.

There is no start button anymore and all of the taskbar icons are now in the middle:


As you can see they have updated all of the icons to be richer and more aesthetic.

This changed has been made across all of the Windows related to Windows tasks:


Normal Explorer Windows have also been updated to give more shading and colour on icons etc.


The start button has moved to the centre of the task bar and now opens up a small dialogue box in the centre of the screen rather than a menu:


You can see it has upgraded to Windows 11 over the weekend.


There is no longer the right click on the taskbar facility available to start task manager, so how we can do this on a remote session is now a concern...

Many of the file associations on the right click menu also seem to have been lost, but perhaps these will return with use.

The Windows 10 default sounds all appear to have been replaced with a much nicer set of softer sounds, so that making an error is a much kinder experience.

All in all it feels much more like a Mac, and with the way Apple Macs are now, it is probably as reliable.