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2 years ago
From some of the reading I have done, I understand that many of these accounts do not actually use real broker accounts to defraud you, that people like GTStox are not real brokers at all, they are just algorithms that display a bar graph and the amount in your account diminishes at each trade, whether you trade well or not. They use teamviewer and anydesk to get hold of your computer when you sign up and then transfer your money to other countries using wire transfer or crypto. Then once they have control of your money out of sight, they then transfer to their own accounts and just populate their screens with the amount you sent to keep you from investigating until it is too late.

There is no catching these people, but you may be able to get money back from your bank if you request a chargeback in time. It will be the bank regaining the funds rather than any dodgy recovery company who only act as an agent with your bank. They never do anything you cannot do yourself.

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  • drdread
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2 years ago
Well the affiliate networks are the real problem. There are so many people that are not technically breaking the law as they have plausible deniability in the process. They can say 'I didn't realise it was a scam' and be entitled to say that as they are just pushing people to a link for which they receive a fee.

Now in reality, you must realise that when someone is paying you $700 USD for a prospect on a trading/brokerage site, then that person has to be about to lose a lot of money, but this is very hard in court.

You may be able to prove conspiracy between a group, but that is all.