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2 years ago
What can I do to speed up Outlook opening?

I am on SSDs and we have a fast dedicated internet but I cannot get in to Outlook in less than 5-10 minutes.

I have maybe 6 or 7 on-line and on-premises accounts with Exchange 2019 & Office 365

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  • Lemonde
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2 years ago
Reduce the mailbox size and/or the number of accounts you have open.

Check the add-ins you are using under options\add-ins.

Reduce the number of months of downloaded data on the accounts.

Move the data files to a separate disk, preferably an SSD that is not the system disk.

More RAM

More CPU power

Use web mail for some of the accounts if you do not need a lot of features and do not check the mail often.
2 years ago
It was the Dynamics CRM add-in that was causing this issue. I had to move the CRM website into the Intranet zone and change the authentication to use current username and password to get it working.