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2 years ago
It is hanging around here:


You can read about this scam on our blog: Bitcoin Circuit 

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a year ago
We have seen a lot of Bitcoin Circuit recently, it looks as if it is overtaking Bitcoin Rush as the primary scam once more.

Brexit Millionaire is on the rise again too.
a year ago
Bitcoin Circuit appears to be one of the biggest boiler room scam campaigns at the moment. They capture your details with the Bitcoin Circuit site and then send you through to a fake broker that has a fake trading interface. They just use it to make you think that you are trading when they have already stolen your money.

Some of these fake broker sites have shortcuts to Teamviewer and Anydesk on the actual fake broker sites for when they tell you to give them control and transfer your money into crypto to steal it!
a year ago
There are so many of these sites now that it is ridiculous to even contemplate how much money they must scam every day!
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a year ago
Definitely Brexit Millionaire is on a resurgence in the UK.

It is such a stupid name for a product and is so obviously fake, but they are pushing it anyway, so it must work for them... 👻