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3 years ago
http://www.vanessablog.online  in your website stats?
No? Well it is a ploy by a web traffic company called xtraffic.plus who bring web traffic to you from people who check their webstats and find the incoming traffic using the link vanessablog.online.

Who is Vanessa and why is she blogging about your website?

She isn't, it is just a fake backlink meaning that every bit of traffic you receive from xtraffic.plus has no interest in you site and probably resent you and your methods.

This is a stupid concept and a bad one too. The aspiring web designer wants good traffic that will linger and show search engines that their site has merit. The point of a website is that it succeeds on its merits, not on how much unwanted traffic it receives.

Xtraffic.plus is a rubbish product with a rubbish domain name and a rubbish ethos, it will not help anyone succeed.

Stingy, tedious, odious sad.

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