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4 years ago
Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controller Boot Error BSOD 0xc00002e2

Windows 2012 R2 server DC will not boot and gives a BSOD with error 0xc00002e2

We have found that this was actually due to booting the system was making the wrong volume C:

We eventually had to remove every other disk from the VM and boot as a Gen1 VM

Once the drive letter was corrected to C; the Windows/NTDS folder was located correctly and the system booted OK.


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3 years ago
How could it get far enough to show the Windows logo if it was not the correct C: drive? Well apparently it can, it just uses the C: drive as a 😛 drive

We just did 'last known good configuration' and it let us in, but it still rebooted as D:\ afterwards.

Presumably this re-assigned the C: drive???

So we had to log in under 'directory restore mode' and use regedit.exe to make some changes:



We then got a BSOD with 'driver unloaded without cancelling pending operation'

We then just reset the system - cold reset - and the system started up as expected in normal mode with the correct system drive letter = yay!!! 🖐

Boot was slow at first boot - 20 minutes or so 😣 - but then the system started to behave. =d>