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a year ago
Is my certificate server working properly?

How did the renewal happen too late to get renewd?

Active Directory Certificate Services denied request 58 because The certificate template renewal period is longer than the certificate validity period. The template should be reconfigured or the CA certificate renewed. 0x80094814 (-2146875372 CERTSRV_E_CERT_TYPE_OVERLAP).  The request was for CN=t2mdc1.twice2much.local.  Additional information: Denied by Policy Module  Renewing a certificate with the DomainController Certificate Template failed because the renewal overlap period is longer than the certificate validity period.

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  • DogMan
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a year ago
Have you checked all of the permissions in ADSIEdit? This is very important.
You should also check that everything is configured and functioning by running PKIview.msc from the run option in windows. This shoudl be error free if everything is working properly. As long as the districbution points for certificates have all of the necessary permissions you should be fine.
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