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4 years ago
I have been handed over a company with an onsite NAV server version 2016 and I have the administrator password for the system.

I have not changed anything but when I login the system as the domain administrator I cannot access NAV as a user.

As far as I can see it is a Windows user set-up, as there are no SQL users on the system but I cannot understand what to do to get a user we can use to interrogate the system. None of the Windows users' accounts seem to have permission.

I have tried logging in as the account under which the service account runs to no avail - it gives the same error.

How can I find a user and password to connect to the NAV system?

I can contact the old sysadmin if needs be, but what do I need?

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4 years ago
We eventually got the passwords from the system by starting a nav powershell command prompt and using get-navserveruser [instance name] which actually gave the passwords as an u encrypted string.