8 months ago
Error trying to access OWA

UTC Date: 2021-12-01T10:22:46.461Z

BootResult: configuration

Client Id: A75E6E02B11B4BDB9DD8AE350FF2D16B

Session Id: 8e128480-986e-4bff-99ee-976936dd73f7

Client Version: 20211115002.08

err: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.InvalidLicenseException

esrc: StartupData

et: ServerError

estack: Error: 500

at b ( 

st: 500

ehk: X-OWA-Error

efe: LNXP265CA0025

ebe: LO0P123MB4235

emsg: InvalidLicenseError



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8 months ago
Your license has expired - you need to renew.

We would say check your email for details but it is a little late for that.

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