7 months ago
I've managed to delete the sites.xml file fom my sharepoint site - how can I access the site to repair it?

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7 months ago
If you've accidentally deleted a file like Sites.xml from a SharePoint site and are now unable to access the site, there are a few steps you can try to recover the file and restore access to the site: .
Site Collection Recycle Bin: If you're a site collection administrator, you can access the Site Collection Recycle Bin. This is a second-stage recycle bin where files are stored even after being removed from the site's Recycle Bin.
You can access it by appending /_layouts/15/AdminRecycleBin.aspx to the root of your site collection.
Contact the SharePoint Administrator: If you’re not able to recover the file through these methods, contact your SharePoint administrator. They might have access to additional tools or backups that could be used to recover the file.
Check for Backups: If your organization maintains regular backups of the SharePoint environment, it might be possible to restore the file from a backup. This process would typically be handled by your IT department or SharePoint administrator.
Is shadow copy running on that disk - use restore earlier versions in explorer to recover the file.
Create a Similar Site: As a last resort, if the file cannot be recovered and there are no backups available, you may need to recreate the site or the specific file you deleted. Document as much as you can remember about the original site's configuration and content to assist in this process.
Resolve ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE Error:After recovering the file, you'll still need to address the ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE error.
This error can be caused by various issues, so you might need to consult with your IT department or a SharePoint specialist to diagnose and resolve it.
Remember that prompt action is crucial in such situations, as Recycle Bins have retention limits after which the files are permanently deleted.[/list]